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ASO Support (Robin Sage, JSOC)

Do you want your cops or military to look "REAL"???


We ADVISE - Not Demand!

and work hand in hand with your writers, actors, wardrobe and prop department

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The TACTICAL EDGE GROUP has one of the largest computer databases available in these areas. Supported by individuals with 'real world' experience as law enforcement professionals, military and special operations personnel, we offer your production a degree of technical accuracy heretofore virtually impossible to attain within the confines of the average budget.

All of our people are very easy to work with and never exceed their role as an 'Advisor'. We know you will always do it your way. We are here to lend your project that degree of credibility that provides a great finishing touch.


We have REAL WORLD military professionals from every branch, any unit and with excellent references and AUTHENTIC CREDENTIALS. Whether you need a private or a general, an army clerk or a CAG (Delta) operator. We have personnel to meet your precise needs.

Our LAW ENFORCEMENT advisory database is second to none. Any department, any assignment, from patrol officers to homicide detectives, the TACTICAL EDGE GROUP has the technical advisors you seek.



It doesn't cost any more than being Wrong!

Armorer Bill Davis on the set of "Surface to Air" with actor Michael Madsen as the leader of a USMC T.R.A.P team
Bill Davis on the set of "Air America" with veteran stunt man John Meier portraying a Vietnam era door gunner


Current and Up To Date!!!

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U.S. Army Special Forces unit circa 1968 Vietnam (Re-created for a television series)

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LAPD 6 man S.W.A.T. entry team, circa present day.

Bill with veteran technical advisor and actor Dale Dye.