"Props are NOT part of the art department" (IA Ruling)

However... If you are hired by a Production Designer or Art Director, you had better consider them your boss, or you either won't get hired, or, you won't stay employed for very long.

Property Master (defined) An expert at the arts of script reading, planning, purchasing, research, safe firearms handling, budget balancing and managing the property department of any production, film, television production, stage play, multimedia presentation or event.

The Property Master is the head of the Department; like almost all heads of Departments, he or she delegates on-set and other duties to subordinates and generally acts in a supervisory capacity during production.

The Assistant Property person is responsible for the usual preparation of props and regular "on-set" duties, along with the day to day operation of the property department. The Assistant Property person has specific tasks that can change from project to project.

Prop (defined) ANY item handled or touched by the actor on camera or on stage. Props are items that are used by a performer onscreen; they might be featured prominently or simply included to flesh out the way a character looks.

Examples: wallets, keys, cigarettes, cups, pens, pencils, papers, cigars, pipes, firearms, knives, food, wristwatches, sunglasses... you get the idea. Note: The costume or wardrobe department may wish to handle eyeglasses, watches, rings, etc.

The Property Masters associated with the Tactical Edge Group are some of the finest in the industry with a combined total of 235 years of experience between them.

Any Project...Anytime...Anywhere! The Tactical Edge crew is ready to make it happen for your film, television program, commercial, CD Interactive, stage play, music video or any other event in any medium.

All of our property professionals are dedicated to making your project look great within your budget.

We have computer and graphics design specialists on staff to assist every production from script covers to police identification cards to window cards. We don't do it all but we come real close.


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Any Crew, Any Department! Give us enough lead time and we can assemble the entire project package for you from Assistant Directors down to PA's and everything in between. Some foreign film makers find this feature particularly helpful in as much as we have everything they need waiting to 'roll camera' when their principal people arrive in the US.

Whether you are making a 'blockbuster' mega budget film or a nice 'little movie' with a modest budget, the Tactical Edge Group is able to assist your production on virtually every level, at the right price and with unparalled accuracy!