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Recently, Michael Moore and Seth Rogen made terrible remarks about the late Chris Kyle and our beloved military veterans in general. As a support company to the entertainment industry, we at the Tactical Edge Group want to apologize for the arrogant, wreckless and completely ignorant comments and behavior of these two talentless "men".

Even though we had absolutely nothing to do with their comments, we feel dirty just working in the same industry as these two fools. Mr. Moore has never served America, only himself. He has made millions of dollars here in America by criticizing the very country that feeds him. Mr. Rogen is actually a Canadian citizen who was unable to make it in the entertainment industry, so he came to America, made millions of dollars and who has now begun insulting the country that feeds him.

My son has just returned from his 8th tour in Afghanistan with U.S. Army Special Forces. I will simply not tolerate any criticism of him or ANY of our veterans, especially from those who live under the umbrella of freedom that these great people provide to us all.

The Tactical Edge Group pledges to NEVER work on or support ANY project these two are EVER involved in. In our opinion, Moore and Rogen are thankless, talentless hacks who have gotten lucky. We hope all of America will join us by shunning, ignoring and NOT going to see any projects involving either of these two worthless oxygen thieves.


At Bill Davis' Tactical Edge Group, we specialize in providing your film, television, commercial, video game, internet presentation, video or stage production with the absolute finest personnel, props, weapons and technical advising services available. If your project involves firearms, we can supply SAFE, well trained and licensed weapons specialists to fill your needs.

If the show is more props intensive, a good property master and accompanying prop department personnel can be worth their weight in gold, especially if you are on a tight budget. The prop masters and support personnel we have are extremely experienced and well trained at providing the correct prop while staying within the prescribed budget.

Military and police technical advisors can mean the difference between a believable show and one that doesn't hit the mark. We offer complete advisory services as well as actor coaching for any federal, state, county or city law enforcement agency, as well as any branch, unit, detachment and specialty of the military.

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A Special THANK YOU to Mr. Dick Kramer for allowing us the use of his artwork within this site!!!

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"Being 'politically correct' is to censor your true feelings in the hope you will remain popular among those you admire and respect. Usually, those individuals deserve neither your admiration nor respect".

W.L. Davis


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